Phoenix Aerial Systems specializes in providing solutions for collection and management of geo-spatial information.



We now offer a leasing option for all USA/Canada customers.  Please email us for an application.

2015-05-20 New Sample data!

We just posted new aerial sample data sets featuring scans of:

  • Powerlines in mountainous terrain
  • Scans from the new Velodyne VLP16 sensor
  • Open Pit Mine
  • Terrain and Buildings

Download Here

2015-04-21 Power Line Scan

We recently scanned power lines using the AL3-32 and AL3-16. In short, the results were spectacular for both systems. We will post sample data soon... Stay tuned!

2015-04-07 AL3 on DJI S1000

Sneak peak at the AL3 mounted to the DJI S1000 copter:

2015-01-05 Phoenix Aerial partners with Pulse Aerospace

Phoenix Aerial Systems partners with Pulse Aerospace, offering a turn-key single-rotor UAV for the Ranger LiDAR Series- The Vapor 55TM. Click here for more information.


2014-12-14 Phoenix Introduces The AL3!

Introducing the new Phoenix AL3. At 3.5kg, the AL3 is a weight optimized version of the AL2. Same accuracy but close to half the weight and its designed to integrate perfectly into the DJI S1000 octocopter! Click here for more information.


2014-12-07 Phoenix Introduces New Fixed Wing Aerial Options

Introducing new fixed wing uav options for the Scout and the Ranger. UAVFactory Penguin B and UASUSA Tempest aircraft. The UAVFactory Penguin B is expected to get a staggering 8 hour flight time with the Ranger LiDAR payload!

2014-11-20 Phoenix Introduces New Scout S1000 Copter

Introducing the new Scout S1000 copter. The S1000 is a proven multirotor manufactured by DJI and is an ideal platform for the new Scout LiDAR system. Flight times are up to 15 minutes. For more information click here.


What is LiDAR

Light Detection And Ranging works by sending laser pulses into many, accurately defined directions in fast succession. Measuring the time it takes for each laser-pulse to be reflected and returned to the LiDAR-scanner allows reconstruction of all surfaces surrounding the scanner. Dynamic LiDAR mapping further requires fusing the returned pulse with the accurate world-position of the scanner at that time, so that returned points can also be recorded in a world coordinate system.


Upcoming Events

February 23 - 25, 2015: Denver, CO. ILMF 2015  Please visit us in booth 42

March 30 - April 2, 2015: Houston, TX. SPAR International  Please visit us in booth 523

May 4 - 7, 2015: Atlanta, GA. AUVSI  Please visit us in booth 2756